This article had to do with the issue of stereotyping among teenagers. The article spoke about how teenagers felt they were being associated negatively with the current pop culture trends and how it was negatively impacting their chances for jobs, education, and generally being taken seriously as a group or individually. The author ends with statistics from a survey showing that teenagers have the self perception that they are more concerned with social issues with the previous generation among other important points.

I believe that this is directly related to the part of chapter six that discusses stereotypes and schema. The book discusses the fact that people often use stereotypes to classify people into a group rather than using the experience and how they perceive people on a personal level to “judge” a person. This article directly refers to how teenagers are experiencing this on a broad level and it is an issue for the next generation.

In my opinion this article shows some things that i believe i may have to deal with as time goes by. Will i be taken seriously by employers because of my “generation? Will people judge me because i am grouped in with not only the people that watch teen mom but those that STAR in teen mom?  This article met the expectations i had in comparing to the actual book because one it perfectly reflects the books position on stereotyping and schema, but it is able to apply this particular term to me on a more personal level.


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