The 5 types of power!

The five types of power revisited is an article that in one sense tells us what the types of powers are within an organizational structure and also shows us what we are to do in order to grow in the business world. This articles gives information on how to use the power and which powers are the most effective in the business world.

To me this article is directly related to the readings because 1. it directly describes what powers are and which of them are applicable to the business world and 2. It talks about ways that you are able to get ahead of the curve in the business world and use the various powers within the business world to grow yourself as a professional.

I believe that this article did an interesting job telling us how to apply all of the powers in order to grow yourself as a professional. It is a short article, granted, but i believe it applies everything that we learned over the past week in a concise yet focused manner.


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