Interpersonal Health Communication.

This article, The Importance of Interpersonal Communication Within the Healthcare Workplace, Is obviously talking about interpersonal communication within the healthcare division of work. It speaks about various things such as the relationship between healthcare professionals and their patients such as nurses, doctors, and CNA’s. This speaks about the various elements of the relationships that can be improved by good communication with your healthcare officials.

This article speaks of the ways to, lower death rates, reduce healthcare costs, reduce malpractice risks, and improve overall patient happiness. This is related to course material because we are able to see that our communication is at its most basic form one person sending a message to another person. This model is fine for many aspects in life, however, I feel as though this model is definitely not one that can be followed in terms of the medical profession. When you are talking about this particular situation, you have to realize that many people cannot abide by this model of communication because there needs to be a flow forth and back between the doctor or other professional and the patient. If you have an alergy to latex, chances are you are not going to be able to go through a surgery without telling your doctor that you have that allergy. Many people are very nervous or shy when it comes to talking to their doctor for whatever reason and that is what causes many of these problems in the health communication.

I believe that this article was extremely straight forward in terms of organization and explanation. It is a good article and I believe it was applicable to our material throughout our class as this is the perfect explanation of a situation where interpersonal communication is absolutely 100% essential. In this situation, which is one of few, Interpersonal Communication is absolutely essential and CAN be a life or death situation.


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