How to Give Advice

            My article “10 tips to advise wisely” is pretty much exactly what it says in the title. The article discusses various tips and ways to discuss advice, to approach advice giving, to see if someone actually wants your advice, and to finally and most importantly HOW to give the actual advice. The tips range from general to very specific and most of it to me seems as though it is just trying to reiterate common sense.

            The article connects because it talks about the various ways we can give advice, why we give advice, why we should give advice, why we feel the need to give advice, and how to approach giving advice. These things are all things that we have approached and talked about in this weeks material. Two of the biggest parallels that I have noticed in these articles are those of honesty and the absence of judgment. Something that I have learned in this weeks topic is that we need to fulfill those two obligations when it comes to giving advice. We need to remain honest in that we need to give them the unadulterated truth therefore they can make their own decision that is beneficial to them. But we also need to approach situations honestly in that we need to make sure we can let them know the honest truth that benefits them, not that may benefit us. We need to also avoid judgment in our advice giving so that we can give good advice and make sure that they are not embarrassed and that they feel welcome to ask for our advice.

            I think this article at its very core is directly related to interpersonal communication in that advice is directly related to talking to other people. I think that it directly applies to this week’s lesson.


Link to article:


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